when Character reach level 70 GMG will be unlock to play, GMG interface is the ultimate cross server battle ground between players to fight.


When you are in GMG interface you'll see the following item:

  1. Details of first place prize
  2. Table with information for the first 8 prizes of GMG
  3. Countdown of daily prize (20:00)
  4. Rank of the players above you
  5. Your rank and credits
  6. Challenge and view buttom on rivals
  7. in ranking you can see list of all players
  8. Grand Magic Games Shop
  9. Player challenge times and cooldown

Challenge Edit

           Enter challenge buttom to see player's formation

           First team will be show on interface, main characters could only be listen in first team, other companions could be listed in first or second or third team.

Winning ways Edit

  1. First team vs first team, second team vs second team, third team vs third team
  2. if challenger has no companions in his team, while player's team has characters, player will win
  3. in player and challenger only have characters in first teams, winner will be hte first team battling victory

Set Up Prep: Edit

  • Recommend Getting 15+ Characters (15 to Fill all the Spaces)
  • Build up your Favorite 15 Characters (Equipment, Potential, Magic, Rune, etc)
  • Pick your Team the Way you want it (Like 5 Summoners in 1 Team or Mixed, or 2 Dragon Slayers 1 Summoner 1 Knight all up to you)

GMG Shop Edit

in GMG shop you can exchange your credits for special prizes


Available rewards: Natsu SSS, Elza SSS, Panther Lily, Jubia SS, Demon Mira SS, Wrath of Dragon Natsu S, Elza Knightwalker S, Charle, Wing of Panther Lily, Red Exp Card, Yellow Exp Card.

Not available: Wendy, Wing of Charle

Grand Magic Games Reward: Edit

Conditions: Credits: Silver: Reputation Cooldown:
Victory Over Opponent 10 100k 100 0mins
Defeated Over Opponent 5 50k 50 10mins

Ranking Rewards: Edit

Chests: Ranking: Bonus Silver Bonus Reputation: Bonus Credit:
Rank 1 Reward 1st Place
Rank 2 Reward 2nd Place
Rank 3 Reward 3rd Place
Rank 4 Reward 4th Place
Rank 5 Reward 5th Place
Rank 6 Reward 6th Place
Rank 7 Reward 7th Place
Rank 8 Reward 8th place
Rank 9-? Reward 9th...
Rank ?-? Reward ??
Rank 201-2000 Reward 201th-2000th place 500k 5 50